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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
First, the Church is House of GOD. It says something that a community can be arsed to build a House for GOD amoungst them, for him to dwell amoung their community. Its total symbolism, but its very powerful in its intention. That shouldnt be lost. A Church is Consecrated, its Holy Ground, its a focal point for the faith historically.
I actually believe this ceased to be the case at some point between Christ's birth and Pentecost. Probably right at the moment when the veil of the Temple was torn in two while Christ was on the cross.

After Pentecost, it became clear that a temple was unnecessary, since it's the believers that are important not any sort of manmade structure. So I do not believe in calling any church the "house of GOD." The last building that GOD referred to as His house was destroyed in 70 AD and has never been rebuilt.
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