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Originally Posted by JavierDLC View Post
Im still Hoping he will get to fight in the UFC at least once.

im not saying he will be Champ but I want him to at least get a chance.

I know its next to impossible but hey crazier Sh!@ has happened in Mr. Whites Circus.
Sorry Javi...Fedor Retired after the match...I suspect he's moving further into Russian Politics...something all the Americans like to try and forget

I think he would make a good Russian President, and he is a favourite of the man that just wont go away....Vladamir Putin, who ping-pongs between Russian President and Russian Prime Minister and has done for YEARS...its into his "majority" party that I think Fedor got ellected into last year or something.

Putin is former KGB, M1-Global have a lot of money running through them...Fedor is famous...I suspect they are nurturing him for some position eventually in the higher echelons of the Russian Government.
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