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Originally Posted by JavierDLC View Post
I think it Bull Sh&@ !!

Shogun didn't want to fight this nobody and Mr. Grumpy got his little feelings hurt and decided to pull this crap!

Like you Flo I like Dana and I am greatful for everything he's done for the sport...

But he is the biggest hypocrite on earth!!!

That's totall Bs! "if you don't want me to tell the truth don't say stuff to me on the phone" he only talks about what's convenient to him and his mine machine company.

Recent example is the meeting he had with Lesnar.
Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
So Dana is the one who brought up the word "cut" first. Sounds like he was trying to pressure Rua with the, "We might have to cut you," and maybe Rua didn't like that so he fired back with, "I'd rather be cut..." He says how much he respects Rua, but then he makes him out like he's afraid to fight Teixeira. Not the way to inspire trust and respect especially if you want someone to do something.
I hope you're right, Javi and Bonnie! I've always liked Shogun and he's a warrior, he'd never back down from a fight!
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