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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
I am!!

Christ maybe everywhere, but the Church as a building is a Symbol that goes back to the Temple of Solomon. It goes back to the Holy of Holies, it goes back to the Ark of the Covernant, it goes back to making sacrifices at blood altars.

I think that there are three things to remember...First, the Church is House of GOD. It says something that a community can be arsed to build a House for GOD amoungst them, for him to dwell amoung their community. Its total symbolism, but its very powerful in its intention. That shouldnt be lost. A Church is Consecrated, its Holy Ground, its a focal point for the faith historically.

Secondly, Christians who come together to worship or pray in a church have the right to have that space reserved for them. As a Child of GOD it is also their home. People should feel safe and not be offended or violated within sancturies such as Churches.

Thirdly...Church, as a Building is an optional extra to the Christian Life...and if the Church as a community was doing evangelism properly, the building would NOT be the first place an interested heathen be made known.
Easy, Dave.

Nate quoted my two comments that should have clued you in that I was playing devil's advocate with a side of sarcasm. lol
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