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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
Thats not the question.

GOD can be found in many different bits of music...thats not the issue. The issue is what music is played specifically in Church. Thats slightly different.

I think there is nothing wrong with secular music, and I can find facets of GOD in it. I think there is nothing wrong with christian pop and rock...

but I DONT think they have their place inside a Church...The Church as a building is pure symbolism, as GOD is not confined to it, however, as a focal point for that symbolism there are things which are inappropriate.

Two times I have felt very...disturbed by things which appeared in church which shouldnt have. One was during a rendition of the Peace Mass in Ripon Cathedral. his usual style encorperated a lot of non christian music directly into the mass...He does two things...he tries to draw a parallel between the Islamic Call to Prayer, and the the mass these two are played one after the other.

I agree with your Rant.. There is no reason Buddhist chants should be played in a Cathedral!!
However when it's Christian music within a Christian building I don't get what the big deal is. I guess I am just used to Gregorian chants..
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