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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
Thats not the question.

GOD can be found in many different bits of music...thats not the issue. The issue is what music is played specifically in Church. Thats slightly different.

I think there is nothing wrong with secular music, and I can find facets of GOD in it. I think there is nothing wrong with christian pop and rock...

but I DONT think they have their place inside a Church...The Church as a building is pure symbolism, as GOD is not confined to it, however, as a focal point for that symbolism there are things which are inappropriate.

You see Churches are Consecrated, they are set aside as Holy for GOD...deliberate act on behalf of man...and to violate that seems to be tantamount to desicration

Its an extreme case...but you see how secular music could be viewed in degrees, and some not be appropriate...its not about judging others...its actually about THEM respecting the Christians by not insulting them inside a Holy Place.
But who decides which music is appropriate in church? And does this apply to all activities in the church? What if it is just a social gathering scheduled at the church, then would it be okay? Sounds like you are implying that all words, deeds, and intentions should be focused on Christ inside the church building.
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