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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
I dont think Worship even has to involve "music" at all. Radical though that might sound...the same is true for "praise" both are configured in our minds to means "music"...but they are not synonomous I dont think.
I agree, worship can inspire music or inspire people to break out into song; but music rarely, if ever, inspires true worship.

I think the mistake a lot of Christians make is they believe that the worship service is for their benefit. This is evident when you hear people talking about what they got out of the worship service. Or complaining because they didn't get anything out of the worship that day.

Well that misses the entire point of worship. The most basic definition of worship is to pay homage to a superior being. So, us giving honor and glory to GOD is the point of worship and is the only form of true worship. It's not for our benefit or entertainment. However, if we are truly worshipping GOD the way He wants to be worshipped, then we will benefit from it; but we should be the last person on our minds when we worship GOD.

But, you're right, it doesn't need to involve music at all. The New Testament gives us plenty of examples of non-musical worship that truly honored GOD, from just sitting quietly and listening to Christ's teachings, to pouring expensive perfume on Jesus' feet.

It's sad that we may have entire churches of Christians in America who have never truly worshipped GOD in their entire life, even though their "praise and worship" band is the highlight of their services.
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