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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
Worship is not something you conjure up from an emotional reaction to music. The inability to distinguish between emotional feelings and true worship sets us up for major Satanic deceptions, even within the walls of a church building. Yes, true worship can inspire emotions, but emotions don't necessarily inspire true worship.
I dont think Worship even has to involve "music" at all. Radical though that might sound...the same is true for "praise" both are configured in our minds to means "music"...but they are not synonomous I dont think.

I dont really know how to define or describe, nor tell you how I'd know the difference, but intuitively I think I do.

also...good point...I think the Church has mistakenly put us in a position where we associate "worship" as some kind of duty we must perform.

But that doesnt even work out in normal human interactions. If you truely love someone, then you will often not only want to do something to make them happy...but just naturally do it because it makes them happy.

I dont see the church telling us how GOD feels about worship...that key element removes him entirely and makes it seem like its something to do...when its actually a natural response...and look at any married couple...they will do it and be almost unaware of it....their thoughts on on the feelings of the other person, not their own.
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