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The priests friends include an Anarchist who is counter cultural (against Cromwell whilst in power, now against the King) a former soldier of the New Model Army invented by Oliver himself, a Fundementalist Christian criminal branded dangerous by the courts, and the Irish Priest, a Protestant...and a Colonel in the forces....he was joined by his son, a professional theif...of the ilk who would more then likely find their way to Tyburn if caught

The Colonel had already met the Jewel Protector with his fake Wife...where he went to view the Crown Jewels... whilst in the tower, Colonels wife falls dramatically ill, and the Jewel Protector most momentarilly leave the pair alone with the Jewels to go and summon a doctor....

after mapping the chamber, the wife made a miraculous recovery...and they left...

Shortly after The Colonel returned with small gifts to express gratitude for the Jewel Protectors help over his Wife. He is introduced to the family, include the daughter. Colonel suggests that he has a fine young man in his family, with wealth and land, who would make for a great Husband

So the Colonel was invited into the Tower for supper to discuss possibilities for the arranged marriage.
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