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Seriously I just asked him the question. The thing is I am not the only one who thinks this and he gets asked this by many many others as well. He said he is tired of it and started taking people off. He said they change lives. Yet I offered him an example of the people at my job who go there and they still smoke pot, have sex outside of marriage, get drunk, curse, and act the same way they did before the "salvation"

Sure am I confrontational? You bet but this time it was a simple question. It was he just got the same question by over 200 Facebook friends in the last few weeks. This guy used to be solid in school. He fell off the wagon when his son backslid and started doing drugs. He left the ministry and started attending this seeker sensitive church.. I am embarrassed they are even in my denomination. He preached one Sunday that Hell is not even a literal destination. Even thought the denomination as well as scripture clearly says it is.

I have never heard a worship song done to secular tunes. Thanks for that tibit. I have heard a Christian version of Weird Al Yankovic and they play songs but never in church as part of a worship service.
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