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Originally Posted by Pastor Chris F View Post
I recently lost a friend on facebook who I went to bible college with because I asked him why he thought a song that mentions hoes was ok to sing in a worship service at his church. I thought this might make for some good discussion here so I have posted a link to the churches Youtube page where you will see songs from Billionaire, rolling in the deep to classics like Hells bells, and the rolling stones song sympathy for the devil. Yes even the theme from Star Wars. So check it out and discuss. Should this church play this sorta music in a worship service?
Chris, come on, man. You know that it wasn't because you "asked" a question. After how many arguments we've all started with each other around here, I'm pretty sure what split it up wasn't the question.

Also, to answer your question: no, I don't think that secular songs should be sung in church. I'm not evenly entirely comfortable with Christian songs being sung to secular melodies. Music is a much more powerful force than many acknowledge it to be & I can say from experience that even though I was singing the lyrics to Amazing Grace, because the melody we were singing it to was House of the Rising Sun, my mind was not able to focus on worshipping God. I was distracted by the original message of the song because it's impossible to divorce that strong bind between the music & the memories/emotions/thoughts they inspire.
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