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LoL I think Mike totally missed what Chael was trying to say.

What Chael ment was that Mike was just pretending to have an injury and waiting for Chael to Destroys Anderson and then cash in his rematch clause.
Kind of like the Money in the Bank from WWE

If anyone is scared its Mike cause so far he's said that he wants Chael to win since in his eyes he won that fight.. he rather "Beat Chael again".
And he hasn't really said that he wants to fight the best MMA Fighter ever "allegedly"

Besides Foxy I think Im the Biggest Chael/Bisping fan but unlike Foxy I slightly favor Chael so For me its a win win for either to be a champ.

The UFC needs some Interesting Champions... It's enough with this Politically correct fake champs! This is a Gladiator Sport not some Little sport where you toss a ball around.
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