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Originally Posted by J.B. View Post
First off, he's not in prison. He's in county jail.
Wwoooooo, big deal JB!

Originally Posted by J.B. View Post
It was reported before the fight that Floyd wouldn't get to watch the fight in jail, which is how it should be. So, I doubt Floyd actually saw the fight, but 50 already tweeted that he thought the fight was a work. Add that to the SR, Roger, and Jeff comments and there you have it.

However, it was reported yesterday that Floyd is asking for house arrest, something he knew he he wouldn't get. Sorry, but you took the plea bargin, now shut up and do the 90 days. This crap about only eating 800 calories and not having enough space to workout is garbage. The lawyer could easily negotiate more time outside the cell, or a few extra energy bars, or a TV, or whatever. Jail isn't supposed to be easy, and while I think Floyd KNEW that, he also knew that whining enough to get sent to general population would probably just get him sent home.

The system is a much bigger joke than boxing.
He may have still been able to see it though. Even if not, it's pretty obvious he's still interested in the big money fight or Roger/Floyd Sr./50 Cent wouldn't be throwing out such strong opinions on the fight.

Yeah, I saw the article, it's a bunch of lies on top of more lies. Tough enough to beat up his ex but not tough enough to deal with the consequences, it's a measly 78 days, !

I can go into the technicalities of him "not being able to exercise" and the "damage it may do to his career" but unless somebody asks, there's no point since we all know that is just lawyer BS talk.
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