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Originally Posted by JavierDLC View Post
I dont know if you listened to the actual interview but he never complains or whines about not getting a title shot!!! He ---- says that he lost his two contender fights Hendo/Sonnen and thats the reason why he hasn't fought for a title. Ariel ask if it would anger him or bother him that a low tier fighter like Lombard; thats coming from some crappy @ss promotion will get a title fight... and he rightfully says yes... but he's not crying about not getting title fights!
like i said though .. why even bother whining about who the ufc gives a shot to .. it isn't like lombard is the first or will be the last to get a shot when coming in from another org ... anderson fought once and got a shot, brock went 1-1 and was given a shot, diaz came in and was given a shot, even though that was taken away ...
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