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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
he didn't get shafted by any judges ... getting the shaft means you clearly won and the judges gave it to the other fight ... there is no fight that he has clearly won where he lost the decision .. they were all close .. some of them coulda gone either way, but he wasn't shafted ...

he's had over 15 fights in the ufc in two weight classes and still doesn't have a title shot, so clearly he isn't doing something right ... i get it, you are a fan, but him complaining about title shots that others are getting makes him sound like a baby, thats all ... he's been treated extra nice by the ufc as he is there ticket to the UK market, so he should at least be happy for that ..
FYI Hardy is the UK boy not Bisping..
Go ahead and make your comments about him. I really couldn't care less about hating remarks. He makes weight, passes drug tests, and puts on a well grounded fight.. That's exactly all I want in a fighter. Not a bunch of cheating, fat *sses, and one trick ponies.
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