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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
1)doesn't GOD have the right to create vessels for the purpose of demonstrating his wrath? Can He not do that? Who are we to question Him?

If we are predestined for salvation then what is the point of spreading the Gospel? Well,

2) #1 it's a direct command from GOD, so we cannot claim that one of His commands is pointless.

3)#2, we don't know who has been chosen and who hasn't, which is why we need to spread the Gospel to everyone in the hopes that a few believe.
1) We're not asking if its something GOD "could" do...we are asking if its something GOD "would" do...and we know, even from the old testament that the answer to that is no...even in the midst of giving the law, GOD presents the following of it, to even those he has "chosen" as a Decision for them...he also says that he does not desire the death of any sinner....

if he doesnt desire the death of any sinner, then how can you claim he has designed some sinners for Hell...that undermines what he says even when giving the law...which is designed to show us we will fail alone!!!

See I set before you blessings and curses...I call heaven and earth as witnesses...Choose life....

Sorry but that is undeniable...and if he is saying that to his chosen race...dont forget just coz he chose the Jews doesnt mean they all make it!! he calls them a "Rebellious house" what?? if they had no choice they would be unable to rebel...and thats dealing with a people WE KNOW are ellect...not a pauline assertion...Paul uses the word Faith...when the true translation of the word doesnt involve any "faith" at all...but an absolute certainty...The word Faith is the same as Title is, legal deeds of ownership....thats not to be confused with mere hope of things unseen...I dont blame Paul...but I do say the translation of the pauline texts are so poor they CREATE paradoxes that allow arguments like this to occure

2) GODs commands carry purpose...there is no purpose in spreading the news if you can not influence the decision of those who hear it....dont hide behind "well GOD knows best so I dont question" coz Truth can cope with being wont falter because its interrogated.

3) Why would you even care? You cant change the outcome, they cant change the outcome, there is no hope...only a preordained plan. Thus you dont need to tell anyone anything, doing so will make no difference whatsoever.

It makes a mockery of the whole point of witness....which I recognise is always hush-hush on this forum.
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