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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
1)I've been here long enough, Nathan, To have seen you argue AGAINST this sort of dogma. What next...Salvation won and lost??

2)We all know there is a difference between the Jews being chosen, and a select remenant being restored...and the Heathen being grafted onto the inheritance.

3) According to Paul we all can be...and I dont despute that...but the choice is ours to make. GOD doesnt force himself onto people like some demons do. Rather he knocks...and its up to us to answer. He will indwell...but only at our request.

If people were predestined, there would be no need for you to spread the Gospel at all. No need to tell a soul...after all, neither they, nor you have a choice...those who are saved simply are....thats NOT the message of Christianity.

GOD knowing who makes it and who doesnt, isnt synonomous with GOD creating that outcome.

Seek and Ye shall find....(unless you aint been ellected??) Knock and the door shall be opened unto you....(Or slammed in your face because he doesnt want you) Oh...and Intrinsic Value is right out of the window...Made in the image of GOD but preordained for Hell???? Created for Hell?? With the sole purpose of being lost in some kinda mock spiritual war????

If you say so Nate
I can't recall a time when I have NOT believed in predestination. I might not have always understood it, but the Bible clearly teaches it so we MUST accept it. There is no choice in the matter.

As for Calvinism, I can't recall ever "railing against it" as you put it. I might have been unwilling to be categorized as a Calvinist because I didn't understand what Calvinism was about. However, like I stated, predestination predates John Calvin so it's not Calvinism it's the Word of GOD.

Salvation is 100% a work of GOD, we contribute nothing to our own salvation.

As for GOD creating people for Hell, then I simply refer you to Romans 9:22 in which Paul asks, doesn't GOD have the right to create vessels for the purpose of demonstrating his wrath? Can He not do that? Who are we to question Him?

If we are predestined for salvation then what is the point of spreading the Gospel? Well, #1 it's a direct command from GOD, so we cannot claim that one of His commands is pointless. #2, we don't know who has been chosen and who hasn't, which is why we need to spread the Gospel to everyone in the hopes that a few believe.
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