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Originally Posted by Crisco
I wonder if BJ thinks the fight would have gone differently if there wasn't a little vaseline on GSP's shoulder?.

I'm not saying it was not a cheating move but it's no different then a low blow in my opinion.

I would just like to know if he thinks he could have won because at that point I will say this is all a big show for him to try and save face. If he says no GSP was owning the **** out of my face all over the place I just think he should be called out for cheating then I will take him seriously.
It doesn't MATTER if the fight would have gone differently.

By that logic, if a loser gets low kicked, or the winner is fence grabbing and using steroids we might as well not punish them if we are all pretty sure the fight would have still ended the same, rules are rules.

Just because you are going to win a fight, doesn't mean you can break them,
that logic makes NO SENSE

By your thinking, they should not change a fight when a guy uses steroids,
because... maybe they didn't effect the outcome? Maybe the guy would have won anyway,
so don't change it to a NC. There is no way to tell if steroid use truly changes the outcome of the fight, so EFF IT
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