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I'm sure Skip Bayless is gonna pop a blood vessel in his forehead tomorrow on ESPN, but it was a closer fight than a lot of people are giving Bradley credit for. Was it close enough for me to say I thought Bradley ACTUALLY won? No, not in my opinion, but that's not the point. We can't have it both ways. Either the fight was fixed, or the judges made a mistake.

Could this be a setup by Top Rank? Absolutely, and I wouldn't be surprised one bit. I've been putting Arum on blast for years. However, that's pretty risky business because these kind of decisions hurt the image of Boxing (and MMA as well) to a lot of people. Who's to say anybody cares to spend $55 on the rematch after believing the last fight was fixed? Anything is possible with Arum, but I have doubts in regards to a fix.

As always on Sundays after a big/controversial fight like this, I am going to watch the replay a couple times later today and see if I notice anything I missed the night before.
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