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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
That is as bad as creating Christian Converts by trying to frighten them with visions of Hell.
That was one of Jesus Christ's primary messages, read the Gospels. In fact, the teachings of Christ give us some of the most vivid imagery of Hell in the Bible.

Did you ever stop to think that people can only become fearful of Hell because the Holy Spirit instills that fear within them? If people aren't being led by the Holy Spirit then any talk of Hell is just going to sound like nonsense or a joke to them.

I don't think anyone is saying that people need to feel like scum before they can be productive. However, people do need to have a realistic assessment of themselves and sometimes reality isn't pretty. To have an accurate assessment of who we are, we need to accept the bad with the good and not gloss over the bad while exaggerating the good.

Although, self-hatred is actually something that the Bible encourages (Job 42:6), because it means that we truly understand how we measure up to GOD and it's not good news for us at all.
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