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Its interesting that people feel that the only way to get someone to realize other people is to squish them into some kinda shame.

The Truth is the all Humans have Intrinsic Value because they are made in the image of GOD.

I think in an age where we go overboard pretending that we are special so as not to end up depressed in a post modern age, where we feel fractured and unable to achieve...we shouldnt try and shame people into service of others.

That is as bad as creating Christian Converts by trying to frighten them with visions of Hell.

You will never serve others efficiently and gladly until you understand what and who you are, just like you cant force someone to be a Christian by telling them they are destined for Hell.

To do so either pushes them further away by shattering their reality in a way that leaves them open to demonic whispers and spirals of depression, thus rendering them useless to advance the Kingdom of GOD, or merely distracted, either of which is a demonic success, OR you make them resentful, and build up even higher walls in an attempt to placate your truth by hostile measures.

The Truth is that we ALL have value, and we are ALL special. In so noticing that fact in other people, we show them service because we recognise their place, and because we recognise that place extends to all for merely existing, we can be Special because we can simply Be.

Shock tactics are great for headlines...but I doubt any of those people considered that speech anything but incorrect at best and offensive at ask yourself what it achieved...if your aim and your attainment isnt somehow to make things more GODly or advance the cause...then dont bother with it at all.

Before anyone accuses me of simply making this dogma up...perhaps you will consider that two of the Gospels quoted Christ speaking about Sparrows and saying that they were relatively worthless, but that GOD knew everything about them and cared for each one. He finishes by telling us not to be fearful for "you are worth more then many sparrows"

It is on that revelation at the start of 2009 that I invested in birds and now have an aviary. it reminds me of Intrinsic Value, which we must install afresh in all.
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