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Originally Posted by J.B. View Post
I wouldn't say that for sure, there is still a good possibility that the fight happens. Crazier things have happened in Boxing. If Floyd and Manny said tomorrow that they were going to fight in November, it would still probably be the biggest draw the sport has ever seen. Maybe this is just what needed to happen for the fight to get made considering Floyd clearly holds all the cards at this point. If Pacquiao fights again, who is he going to fight if he doesn't accept Floyd's offer when he gets out of jail in July or August? Floyd's not dumb either, he knows that Pacquiao losing means he can take over the negotiations and make even more money. If Pacquiao says no, then so what. Floyd will fight another tune-up and then fight Bradley in 2013. Either way, Floyd probably just made another 75-100 million dollars while sitting in jail.
Its still a big fight but Mayweather v Pacquiao on a 1 fight win streak (Im not even sure if one win is considered a streak) is a lot less exciting than Mayweather v Pacquiao on a 16 fight win streak (I think thats what it would have been had Pac-Man won).

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