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Default O those crazy Ruskies

The end game of is us generating enough revenue where we can create an agility course dangerous enough where professional supervision is required. If we can't make the dream of Cat, Bauzen, Kieran and the rest of us competing against each other in friendly timed runs on our regulation sized course then I don't really know what we are even doing here. What's the point?

Yes, you guys can come over, but make sure your parents tell our parents it's OK. Also, you may need to sign a release form in case you get hurt, don't worry, it's cool: LayzieTheSavage is a notary public.

Footage has surfaced of Sergei Kharitonov testing his cat-like abilities on the Russian Ninja Warrior show, we suggest you watch it below.
Actually, I think this is WipeOut, an American permutation of the epically awesome MXC:
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