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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
I think there is a gap for a number of reasons. Firstly because as the coronation is the endorsement of GOD, the country has to be certain they are crowning the right monarch. In times gone by their has been much despute about who should be next on the throne, and the gap gives time for these desputes to be played out.

Secondly...they take a hell of a lot of planning and organisation...and finally...some of me thinks it is so that the Government and the Monarchy can ballence the politics of power before take off...look at the thing with how they ousted Edward and how they saw the deadline to do that as his coronation. Some of me thinks its so they have a chance to try and get rid of the monarch before that particular person is thrust upon them for life

I dont know why the dates are slightly off...I mean...we mark it on the date of the coronation, but celebrate it from february of the year before sounds too English to be true that

They were showing all the festivities yesterday on CNN...the coach ride, the balcony appearance. Prince Charles has aged a lot; the Queen looks better than him. She's always very tasteful especially with her hats. I won't mention Camilla other than I don't like her.

So these celebrations will continue to June of next year?
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