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Originally Posted by Melissa Villaseņor
I understand where you are coming from about BJ whining lately trust me I do I recently responded to a thread regarding him, however I would like to say I am glad he brought attention to this matter. This matter of greasing in the sport is like MLB players with steroids. It just can't be tolerated. I am behind the accusations since other creditable fighters have expressed that GSP has felt greasy. I agree that BJ should admit he got served and it would not have changed the outcome, but in the same breath I am glad he is taking a stand.
You got it ... i think something is being done, although i am a fan of gsp, if he were to get suspended or fined, it would send a strong message, but when penn starts making accusations that cannot be proved, imo, that is attempting to slander a fighter ... i am a fan of the sport more than any fighter, so i would like it to be kept clean, but to me, if this were coming from someone else, i wouldn't mind .. BJ just whines like a baby until he gets what he wants, he saw his "aura" diminished and his confidence smashed back in Jan ... and now he is trying to get some of it back, but it will probably back fire on his a$$
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