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Default Prince Philip Rushed to Hospital during Jubilee Celebrations

The Duke was taken to hospital yesterday afternoon during the garden party hosted at Buckingham Palace. The Hospital say he has a unrinary Tract infection. This meant the Queen had to attend the Jubilee Concert on her own. She had to go to the service at Saint Paul's on her own, she had to go to the Jubilee Luncheon on her own, she had to go to the palace of westminster on her own, and the parade she took part in, well she was alone for that also

I think she still enjoyed it, but I expect that she was concerned about her husband and sad that he couldnt join her for it.

Early reports are saying that his health is improving now, but in his 90s everytime he gets ill people worry that he might die

Moments ago HM The Queen made a brief broadcast to the Nation to round off the National Weekend of Celebration. She said that she was very "humbled" by the amount of attention the weekend has garnered. She was "deeply touched" that so many people decided to celebrate the event, and she said that she was very grateful to the organisers and participaters of the national events because she realized that they had put a lot of work into making it special for her.

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