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Her Britannic Majesty arrived and boarded a small tug, this tug was from her old decomissioned yacht. The only time the Queen was seen crying in public was when that horrendous Labour Government established by Tony Blair took her little boat away and wouldnt give her another.

So you can imagine how overjoyed she was to get into the old tug which she used to get on and off the yacht. This tug took her to the Royal Barge created by a film crew. Once her majesty was on board the Flotilla began. The first section was a floating belfrey. Each of the bells being produced for the event and named after a Royal pealed as it passed and was answered by all the Churches in London on the River Banks.

Following this was a boat built specifically for the event called "The Gloriana" which was a large rowing boat, and behind it a gazillion rowing boats of all shapes and sizes, including Gondalors, and Tribal Canoe, and Viking Dragons.

Then came the Royal Boats, there were several to carry the Minor Royals, and the Royal Barge itself They were led by motor boats displaying the 54 standards of the Commonwealth, . The Queen did not sit on the Throne, probably because its debatable as to whether that was under the Canope or not. Instead Elizabeth spent her time standing behind the Throne.

As they approached Lambeth Palace the home of Canterbury. She momentarily dissapeared below deck to get a throw, bless her, I think she was cold. There was quite a wind, and it had just started to rain.

They floated along at four nautical miles past The Palace of Westminster and The London Eye before passing the National Theatre and Southbank Centre who did a huge display for her, which she enjoyed so much she was pointing and making emphatic gestures.

They entered the West End of the city of London passing by blackfiars and Saint Paul's Cathedral. Under the Millenial bridge where artists were busy sketching the flotilla. They continued past Southwalk Cathedral on the South Side and the The Greater London Assembly Building.

The forty odd gun salute went off during this bit of the journey. Then Tower Bridge opened completely to let the Barge pass. At this point all the boats at the front began to dock in the docklands around Canary Wharf. The Royal Barge Turned round in the middle of the river and docked at the end of the Greenwhich Peninsular by the London Dome.

As it was raining and Cold the arrangers had wanted the Queen to get off the Royal Barge and onto another boat called "The President" where she could watch from below decks.

She said no, and stayed exposed to the ellements on the Royal Barge.

The rest of the Flotilla arrived, The narrow boats and the smaller boats that were involved in the evacuations of Dunkirk passed next, followed by historic boats and barges and those of the Water Industry and coast guard.

The last set of boats were the passanger boats, small steam ships. These all continued to dock as far further down the river as Wapping and the Barrier. They closed the Barrier to stop the tidal flow in the river to make it easier for the rowers

Then came boats filled with bands and Orchestras We are waiting for the last of those to make Tower Bridge.
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