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Originally Posted by Liddellfan View Post
Nothing against him, I enjoy watching him fight but he has done NOTHING to make him even close to being HOF caliber fighter. He doesn't even have an impressive win record. He will be good sitting cage side calling fights.

Don't understand people hating on Mask for getting in. That man had done so much for the UFC and MMA in general he deserved it. He has promoted and supported the sport from day 1.
I have no problem with including people like Mask in the Hall of Fame, but I do feel it should be clearly separated from the actual fighters. On, when you look at the Hall of Fame section, Mask is included right alongside the rest of the actual fighters, and this is what it reads for a description...

As one of the three founders of Tapout, Mask was known as one of the biggest supporters and fans of MMA.
Again, no disrespect to Mask whatsoever, but I don't see how he can be included right alongside the other guys without ever actually fighting in the UFC. I wouldn't even put Dana White in with those guys. Call it being picky, but that's just my opinion. Guys who contribute to the sport outside of the cage/ring should be in a separate section like many other HOF's. Furthermore, why not induct the entire Tapout crew at the same time? In a way, it makes it seem as if they only did it because he passed away, and I think that is what turns a lot of people off about it.

As for KenFlo, I am the one person who voted "Kenny Powers" on this poll. Which is basically my way of not saying yes or no at this point. As a fighter up to now, I would probably have to vote no. The overall resume just isn't there and there is no real definitive accomplishment that puts him over that threshold in my opinion. However, when you combine his in-cage career with his career outside the cage, it's a whole different beast. He is one of the more recognizable faces in MMA, and if he continues to contribute to the sport through broadcasting and other endeavors then sometime down the road I may have to vote yes.
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