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Wallis Simpson couldnt cope with the press though. Even these days Americans do not realize the power of the British Press. She moved to the Continent to gain some distance. Poor Edward was depressed.

Royalists begin to march in the streets, and the British Government soon realizes that, along with the Media, its attempts to oust the King are in danger of causing a Second English Civil War.

Westminster took its anger out completely on Winston Churchill, it was all HIS fault for sticking up for the King, and suggesting a marriage without title. He was treated like a leper and became deflated. Without his only support in Government the King couldnt continue.

Despite acting as the trigger for Bradfords outburst. Canterbury who desperately wanted to avoid the possibility of having to crown Edward as King (he was already king by default) one of the most nasty things the church has ever done, happened the day after the King finally gave up hope and abdicated, Archbishop Cosmo Gordon Lang told the world how bad it was that the King had abdicated as it was the ultimate insult against the GOD who had devinely selected him to rule!!

The House of Parliament rejoyced that the new King, George would be a traditionalist that would allow them to do their job and could be trusted as the ideal figure head, and no more.

Winston Churchill made a big comeback a year or so later when the Government cracked under the pressure of war. He would be ousted by the public moment after Victory in Europe, and return for a pretty disastorous term in the fifties that saw him resign completely.

His ills and losses were all forgotten or forgiven due to his wartime strength, and the love was evident when he died and was given a state funeral at Saint Paul's Cathedral in London.
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