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But Alec...the Private Secretary, had obviously written on behalf (albeit informally) of ALL the Traditionalists, include the head of the Civil Service, The Archbishop of Canterbury, One very powerful Tabloid, and The Prime Minister.

The King was concerned...Because he knew someone had put Alec up to it, but wasnt sure who. Stanley, the Prime Ministerwas called aside, and told the King that whilst he recognised the public was on his side, The Prime Minister did not approve of his choice to marry.

The King claimed it was his right to marry Wallis Simpson if he wanted. He threatened Abdication as he was pissed off that the Government WOULD allow him to be with Simpson if she was an illigitamate. But he wanted to tell the truth and have her at the coronation.

He visited a destitute part of Wales, and they LOVED him. He dedicated himself to their service, by basically telling them that the Government had let them down. The Government were not doing enough for them. Thats how the Government perceived it, when The King began to give personal assurances to the destitute that he would help them.

Now, not only did this King misbehave, want to Marry a devorcee...he wanted to go into politics

The Tabloid known as "The Times" which still runs to this day actually began to publish a reminder that the King should not get involved with politics.

His only friend at the time was Winston Churchill. He suggested Marriage without the Royal Title for Simpson as a solution. The Conservatives in office had kittens. The Prime Minister made Winston Churchill pledge not to form any political party for the King.

But to the King, Stanley said he would consult the Commonwealth.

Oh dear.

That made the Commonwealths rulling everso slightly official.

The Empire said NO
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