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Then Wallis Simpson gets her devorce

Suddenly if the Church and State does not do something...she will marry the King and be Mother of the Heirs.

They could not let that happen.

Edward becomes a bit paranoid and he evicts his Private Secretary...its obvious that Edward is going to try and do exactly what everyone if fearful of. Lang goes to the Palace (in a secret meeting with traditionalists and tabloids of that standing) and says he isnt sure he can consecrate Edward at a Coronation.

Whilst The English press was still silent, the Europeans had began printing the Holiday shots of the prair, and the American Press discovered that Wallis was single again and were talking about the prospect of her become the Kings Consort. The Queen of England!

The Coup began on Remembrance Day of that year. The Sacked Private Secretary wrote a warning to the King telling him that the Government would consider dissolving themselves if he married Wallis

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