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Part two shows the divide. Edward had lived through the Great War with a Father who was Staunchly Traditional. Edward was a rebel, who didnt like to do Traditional things. He didnt like the duties.

He began to outwardly show his dislike of these sorts of duties, meets and greets. He couldnt be arsed, rather he liked Wallis because she was anti-establishment, a free.

Lang...Canterbury at the time really, really hated this. Several Tabloids turned against him. The current Prime Minister wasnt happy either.

Wallis Simpson was the obvious thing they could use. The Secret Services actually began to investigate and spy on them

BUT Edward was goodlooking and a celebrity with the public....that was his veil of protection. The population loved him....that probably enraged the Instituions of Church and Government even more.

Soooo Wallis and Edward go on holiday, and on the continent they are rather too open about the fact they are together, it begins to be reported in the upper class that there is an issue. Edward keeps skipping royal duties to hang out with Simpson instead. But dont worry...because Bertie goes and opens the hospital in the Kings place.

Then comes the infamous visit of Wallis to Balmoral (the scot castle holiday home) and the King refuses to invite Canterbury...sooo Bertie invites Canterbury for him. Doesnt go to well.

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