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Originally Posted by atomdanger
I can't believe so many people are giving BJ crap for filing a complaint.

What would you do if you felt like somebody broke the rules (and you had video proof)?

Whine about it on your website? Or say nothing?

BJ in my opinion is being a man and sticking up for what he believes is right,
having somebody cheat and win, and being too scared to say anything would be being a b*tch IMO,
Penn really feels like GSP cheated/broke the rules, so he is doing something about it.
yup, then he should stick to the facts, he is the one acting like a little bit#% by making accusations that he cannot back-up ... the proof is that vaseline was applied after round one, applied again after round two, wiped off and then gsp was wiped down again after the third ... the facts are also that Penn got his ass whooped and has always come out with excuses for his losses ... he is never as good as his nuthugging fans thought ... by him saying he "alleges" gsp ingested something to make himself greasy is ridiculous and he could never prove that ... if he never complained before, that is one thing, but he always does it ...
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