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Default Brock Lesnar's Meeting With Dana White Reported To Have Not Gone Well


Former UFC Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar was a very visible member of the audience at UFC 146. UFC president Dana White told reporters at the post-fight press conference he would be meeting with Lesnar face-to-face later that night and that "anything (was) possible."

Well the cold water is already being poured on that parade. Dave Meltzer reported the following at the Wrestling Observer:
Brock Lesnar and Dana White met last night. We don't have any details other than the meeting did not go well. If Lesnar being at UFC is mentioned on Raw, then I'd guess it's WWE angle. If it's not, then it's anyone's guess what the game being played is, other than there is a game being played.
Sergio Hernandez offered some analysis of the cryptic Meltzer over at Cageside Seats:
It's unclear what (Meltzer) means by that. Perhaps the aforementioned theory is true and Lesnar plus Vince McMahon is simply using the UFC.

Or maybe Dana White -- who has had meetings with McMahon in the past -- is helping an old friend with his new gig?

In a conversation on Twitter, my Cageside colleague Geno Mrosko said if anything which occurred last night in Las Vegas is mentioned tomorrow night on Raw, it will confirm everyone is playing their part in a well-orchestrated ruse.
Brock Lesnar has apparently parlayed his high profile with casual fans into yet another stint as the roadrunner to Dana White's coyote. Not bad for a guy whose last two fights in the UFC were anything but spectacular performances.
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