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Default Hottest Zuffa-Era UFC Octagon Girl

Well, after the debate that erupted in the "Not to cause a stir but..." thread, I figured we might as well settle this. Your choices are as follows (in chronological order):

1) Amber Nichole Miller

2) Rachelle Leah

3) Ali Sonoma

4) Arianny Celeste

5) Anne Rivera

6) Edith Labelle

7) Logan Stanton

8) Natasha Wicks

9) Chandella Powell

10) Brittney Palmer

Feel free to debate as ardently as you like & present evidence, just remember that the same rules apply here as do in the Post an Image thread (click HERE if you need a reminder). Also, I realize that there are some girls/women that have made guest appearances (most notably Holly Madison), but since the poll maxes out at 10 options, I needed to edit the list somehow, so I went with the full "full-time" girls that Zuffa has employed.
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