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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
0-3 is 0-3 .. LOL ... sure, there are other guys that have more losses in a row ... akiyama ... but mayhem was given a chance to come in against bisping on TUF and didn't show up to that fight .. he was then given a guy who couldn't win TUF and lost to him ... now he can go back to being a reality show star!!!
I have no sympathy for him. The way he acts and talks to people is beyond ridiculous. He has the nerve to put down child bearing women, disrespect females bodies, and disrespect others in general.
He is not a good natured person at all. Bully Beatdown is scripted btw.
I hate to seem cold, but so many people wish they had opportunities to fight for the UFC, but don't. This jackass doesn't take his job serious. He needed to get cut. Hopefully he will work out his issues.
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