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This came from MiddleEasy and is the rumor about what happened:

When CB Dollaway did his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan, Mayhem slowly walked to the back of the Octagon and rested his arms on the top of the cage. His head was hung pretty low, so Mark Munoz and Ryan Parsons consulted him inside the cage. They eventually walked out and Mayhem Miller had an 'incident' before the post-fight medical check-up with one of the staff members working at UFC 146. Apparently when Mayhem walked backstage after the bout, he sat down against a wall, probably reflecting on his fight with CB Dollaway. Someone backstage (not sure if it was MGM or UFC staff) asked Mayhem to 'clear the path' and get out of the corridor. Mayhem either didn't hear him or simply was wrapped-up in his own thoughts to care. The staff member then tried to pat him on the back in order to encourage him to move. It's rumored Mayhem Miller quickly got up, yelled at the staff member and then kicked over a table. A few UFC employees questioned why he did it, and apparently he got in a verbal altercation with them. At the post-fight screening, Mayhem starting yelling at CB regarding the decision and threw an object at him. Dollaway continued to sit down and get checked out by the doctor. Mayhem then went into the locker room, gathered his belongings and left the MGM Grand Garden Arena. The UFC couldn't even contact him for his post-fight quote. Nothing physical happened, just mayhem. It's also apparent that Mayhem Miller was on his way out of the UFC if he lost at UFC 146, this incident didn't cause him being cut from the promotion. the-sunday-morning-rumor-mill&catid=34rganizations
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