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Jason Miller vs. C.B. Dollaway

Round 1:
No glove touch here. Yves Lavigne is our ref. Miller starts the fight with something resembling karate katas. Dollaway keeps a straight face. A big right hand by Miller wobbles Dollaway. Miller charges in recklessly and gets taken down, though nearly catches Dollaway in a guillotine on the way down. Dollaway escapes and they scramble back up. Jab by Dollaway stings Miller. Moments later a hard shot from Dollaway drops Miller, and he has to scramble just to show heís still in it as Dollaway pours the punches on. Miller survives the onslaught, though heís having a hard time getting Dollaway to detach from his back. Dollaway ties up an arm and takes Millerís back, though Miller rolls and gets back to his feet before the horn. What an opening round.

Round 2:
Dollaway gets the jab working right away, popping Millerís head back and avoiding his looping punches. Miller stings Dollaway again, and again Dollaway is doing the stanky leg. Miller tries to capitalize, but heís on shaky legs too. Theyíre both slipping and sliding like theyíre on skates. Dollaway recovers and gets a takedown, but Miller pops back up quickly. Dollaway keeps working for the takedown against the fence, and he eventually gets it. The crowd isnít happy with the way heís managed to slow down this fight, but he does better on the mat with Miller than on the feet so far. Final minute of the round now, and Dollaway is opening up with occasional elbows from the top. Miller tries to kick him off, but Dollaway is back on and stays there until the horn. Miller gets up urging the crowd to lend some support, which it does.

Round 3:
Again Dollaway snaps out that jab, and again Miller hits him with a looping counter punch that hurts him. And, in keeping with their pattern, Dollaway responds to Millerís aggression with a takedown. The crowd doesnít like it, but it just might be a winning formula for Dollaway. Miller keeps trying to get to his feet, but ends up giving his back to Dollaway in the process. The crowd lets Dollaway hear it. Miller struggles to his feet, only to be put right back down. Less than two minutes left in the fight now. Dollaway postures up from Millerís back and peppers him with hammerfists. Miller mocks the effort, but canít do too much about it. Miller rolls over and nearly gets caught in an arm triangle. Ten seconds left, and Miller extends his arms from the bottom in an exasperated plea. Thereís the horn. Dollaway gets up to the sound of boos. Miller shakes his head and gives him a reluctant glove touch.

CB Dollaway def. Jason Miller via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-26, 29-28)

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