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Jacob Volkmann vs. Paul Sass

Round 1:
Herb Dean is our referee for this one. He gives the signal and weíre underway. Sass starts out in a crouched stance, clearly mindful of Volkmannís takedowns. Just the same, Volkmann gets him on his back about 30 seconds into the fight. So much for that approach. Sass looks like heís thinking triangle choke, as he often is, but switches to on oma plata. Volkmann is out easily and back on top in Sassís guard. Sass slaps on a triangle -- his bread and butter -- and Volkmann is stuck. Sass attacks the arm as well, and thatís all for Volkmann. Seems like he might have injured his arm in the process.

Paul Sass def. Jacob Volkmann via submission (triangle choke) 1:54 of round one

Wow! Nice submission, that was a good win for him. I'm not familiar with Paul Sass but Volkmann was a very tough opponent; I was really impressed with Paul's self-deprecating modesty during the post-fight interview with Joe.
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