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Default Mayhem's Fighter Diary

Weather forecasters did a horrible job predicting the weather today. After promising sunshine all day, torrential downpours gave me the finger on the way to the post office. I apologize in advance to the person who bought my Sony Minidisc player on eBay if it shorts-out on you. If you want to file a Paypal claim against anyone, you should find a way to do it against Al Roker. Ever since he underwent gastric bypass surgery, the dude has lost his gift of delivering accurate meteorology reports, and it’s because of him that your package is soaking wet in the outgoing mail bin of the postal service. Seriously Al, you need to spend more time with Jason Miller and get back in the groove. Mayhem is as close to being back to 100% as he’ll ever be as a result of his past few months of training. He steps into the Octagon again this Saturday against CB Dollaway in what he calls, “the most important fight of his life,” and with this video to prove it, we believe him.
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