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Originally Posted by J.B. View Post
"Prescriptions" are not written for Marijuana, because it's still federally outlawed, and any doctor who writes a formal prescription for weed would not only be blacklisted but also look like a dumbass considering you can't get pot at your local Walgreens. What they give is basically "recommendations". The doctors "recommend" you use weed, then how u get it is up to you.

C'mon brother, you didn't really think I'd tell people to google search without a proper response already lined up, did you?

Just because ignorant fools use the term "prescription" don't mean they used it correctly.
so basically medical weed is a cop out for those who don't want to stop smoking and make up some "ailment" so they can get a medical marijuana card so they don't look like low-lifes? got it .. LOL
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