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Originally Posted by J.B. View Post
There has never been a PRESCRIPTION written for marijuana in the USA.

You would think that so called "journalists" would at least take the time to do a friggin Goggle search.
OK, I googled it:

Seattle GreenCross - Seattle Medical Marijuana
Jun 1, 1999 Washington State medical marijuana, seattle medical marijuana, doctor referals, marijuana prescriptions, medical. If your looking for a Medical ...

Medical Marijuana Doctors, Medical Marijuana Card, Evaluation ...
Medical marijuana cards are the proof that you have a prescription given by a doctor. Medical marijuana doctors are availble in the states where medical ...

Medical cannabis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In contrast, common FDA-approved drugs which are often prescribed in lieu of cannabis (such as anti-emetics and anti-psychotics), were the primary cause of ...

How to obtain a medical Marijuana prescription - Forums ... Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications
16 posts - 8 authors - Oct 20, 2004
I would like to pay your attention to a very useful article we got recently about how to obtain a medical marijuana prescription.
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