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Originally Posted by VCURamFan View Post
Chael Sonnen in the 2012 Smack-Off -

Chael Sonnen on TMZ: Live -

Chael Sonnen on the Joe Rogan Experience -

Of the three, the TMZ clip is the funniest & the Smack-Off is the biggest cross-over hit, but the Joe Rogan Experience is the best, hands down. It's 2.5hrs of Chael Sonnen, no schtick, no persona, just him talking & being completely honest with Joe. Really a fantastic way to spend your time. If you can't sit in front of your computer for the whole block of time, then I highly recommend you downloading the podcast to your iPod & listening to it as you go about your day. It's a really refreshing look at Chael & is gauranteed to change your perception of him.
Chael Is one Bad @$$ dude. You have to admit when he isn't Chael P Sonnen and he is just Chael he is a very respectful and down to earth guy. How can you not like the guy. Not you in particular but people in general.
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