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Originally Posted by Neezar View Post
Sounds like you are doing great! I hope you get back to 100%.
Thank you so much. It will take some time, but 100% is exactly what I am going to accomplish.
Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post you were able to taste and smell and then all of a sudden you couldn't? I'd be very interested to know if your smell and taste return, James, when you've completely healed. I will be praying for you that this is so.

That's fantastic news, James. I'm sure your positive attitude is helping tremendously also in your healing. Keep it up!
Thank you for the comment and prayers. It makes my eyes water just thinking about the people that have done this for me. I'm extremely emotional and I want to thank you in person if I could.
Originally Posted by flo View Post
Like Bonnie and Neez said, this is great news, James. You have a good attitude and I believe that does help in healing.

Hang in there, we need you in the predictions race!
I miss you all soooo much, even though it has only been a month. Thank you for replying; it helps me a lot.
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