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It always suprises me that these athletes even touch alcohol to be honnest. Its like there is the feeling that one cant have a good time without poisening ones body. You would think that an athlete who really cared for his body wouldnt drink period for the ill effect it would have.

I'm a tad suprised coming from Jon Jones, he didnt seem like the reckless type when I met him in London. Perhaps its coz I'm T-Total, but I think the issue isnt that he made a poor mistake to drive, the issue is that his judgement was clouded by the alcohol. THAT IMHO is the poor mistake, because you consciously choose to start drinking when you are completely compus mentus. I wouldnt excuse the mistakes any people make whilst drunk, but the root of the problem for me is always the thought that they let themselves get that drunk in the first place.

For an athlete thats really questionnable. I hope now that he is more famous then he was, this isnt going to become a habit.
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