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Originally Posted by J.B. View Post
I don't disagree that he is probably a good guy and that he just made a mistake, but I wouldn't say it's nobody's business. DUI is extremely irresponsible and can endanger the lives of everybody else on the road. Also, Jones is a public figure who is quickly becoming one of the most identifiable names in the sport of MMA. It's also not like it was a routine traffic stop where he blew just over the legal limit, the guy smashed his $100,000 Bentley into a pole.

Personally, I'm not gonna harp on it or think any different of him as a fighter or a human being. We all make poor decisions in our life, and alcohol will definitely cause us to do stupid things. I will just say that it's disappointing and I hope the grief and embarrassment he's dealing with because of it right now prevents him from ever doing it again.
Ooops, I started my response and got interrupted and just finished posting only to see yours afterwards...we're of the same mind about it.

An ironic thing for me, the first thing Vizion said in his post was, "Jon is a good man" first post where I mentioned my young cousin-in-law, after the judge sentenced him and they took him away, his mom kept saying, "He's a good boy, Bonnie." I said, "I know he is."
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