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Originally Posted by MattHughesRocks View Post
It's a "him" and I've sent him a bible ( he's in prison) so we write about God sometimes and chat about Him when I visit. I guess it's hard to believe in something so good when your down like that but at least he's asking
I think purgatory came up to hm as a hope because of an unsaved brother he lost years ago. He's hoping he'll meet him there one day. He doesn't think he's good enough to ever get into heaven and says " I just don't know about this Jesus stuff".
When I share the Gospel with someone and that question of "what about my already passed loved one" comes up, it is tough. I don't envy your position at this time in that conversation.

While that can be a legitimate, heart-felt concern for the loved one, some people use it as a smokescreen to avoid dealing with their own sin, as a change of subject:
(Offended) "Are you telling me that my brother is in hell?"
"I didn't know your brother, but I'm asking you to look at yourself in light of what the bible says."
Other times, it really is a painful realization. I hope you're dealing with the genuine kind.

Other times, any random subject (purgatory, communion, do I have to wear a tie to church) will do to avoid the question of sin and repentance, regardless of dead loved ones. Some people are just intellectually hungry and easily get off topic. Keep praying for the guy. It makes a difference.


Ok, I finished the thread. On the original question of purgatory, there's some other academic stuff about it's origin, but it's been sufficiently said that it's unbiblical.
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