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If everything in that 3-verse quote were true (just for the sake of a model) were true, then they look de-scriptive, not pre-scriptive. (Ok, so what?)

The second quote Sir Dave posted starts (just starts) leaning us more toward the "all is one" or monism. This is the foundation of ancient occult, Theosophy, New Age, and New Light "Christianity" (heresy), and the "New Spirituality" (McClaren, Warren, Sweet, others). See the "emerald tablet" * in it's various versions with this:
"As above, so below. As below, so above. As within, so without..." ...and you'll see the pattern in the occult that will make this more identifiable when you run across it. So, when the second quote starts to say that everything being made from the same 22-letter vocabulary is proof that we are actually "one", it's starts us on a line of reasoning that elevates man and reduces God. However, the idea that it is a "proof" is not necessarily true. That reads like someone taking something & making it say whatever they want, in the second quote. If everything were named by God in a 22-letter alphabet, that doesn't make everything "One." "Brotherhood" is a oneness that dispels racism. That is not the one-ness of the occult and mysticism. Open the book "The Secret" the around the title page and you'll see a version of the "as above..." quote. /shrug. It's just witchcraft.

To get to the question of soundness...
I see no reason to think the statements in the first quote are true or not. If the proof is in the fruit of it, or the pudding, then the question becomes what we do with it. Without learning more (me) about Babylonian roots to the occult, therefore skipping the similarities, I can say that a good thumbnail evaluation for the soundness of something is if it keeps man and God in proper places.

If it elevates man and/or brings God down to being less than God (not the incarnation, but all of God), or if it completely inverts the authority and puts man above God, including in the supernatural, then it is not sound. I hope that helps.

* If you look up the tablet, you'll find varied texts listed as different translations. They aren't the same text being translated different ways. They are different variants of the text that then worked out to different local languages. Have fun.
2Cor10:1-6, Eph6:11-12
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