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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
if you thought Christian Mysticism was a bit should try looking into Jewish Mysticism

There is a document I came across recently called The book of Formation, I havent read all of it coz, I'm not sure I quite understand it, but it talks about the Jewish Language and the mystical properties for example when Christians call GOD Jehovah, this script tries to explain why he chose such a name based on the letters that name is spelt in within the old text.

as I understand it this would be akin to a Mystical type of biblical concordance, attempting to further expound the relation between the natural, take for example ellements, and how they interact, but how that interaction is specifically guided spiritually.

I believe there is a second book called The Book of Splendor, again from the Jewish Mystics, but I've no idea what thats all about except that its supposed to follow on I think.

Has anyone any knowledge about the Jewish Mystic theology and whther or not its sound
don't know if it counts as a religion, but all religion is "strange" to an outsider ... i mean, people think scientologists are nuts because they believe something about a spaceship coming down from space (well, where else would it come from) .. and doing all sorts of things .. but to those who don't know anything about Christianity, they may think a guy walking on water, women being created by a man's rib encased in flesh, or a man rising from the dead after three days kinda weird ... imo, God is capable of anything .. so it all boils down to faith and not proof .....
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