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Originally Posted by F34R View Post
Sorry I've been out of here for a month almost. I was working on the 20th, night time, and about two hours after midnight, making it the 21st, I was flown to a hospital, almost dead. I had some surgery for my head/brain, and so far, I'm still living.

I was in Shepherd Center in Atlanta, GA, for two weeks after being in a hospital for two weeks until I was able to be awake, etc.

Starting tomorrow I'm going to a neurological clinic for therapy, three days per week. My brain is still bruised and having some healing issues each day. This clinic I'll be at will be helping me do some work for my brain to start working properly with cognitive decisions, and some advancements.

Hope everyone here has been ok.
Oh that's just horrible, F34R, I'm so sorry! I wondered where you were and figured you were just busy. Thank heavens you got to a hospital in time. Did they find out what caused this? I'll say prayers for you, bro (it would help to know your first name...), for a full recovery.
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